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Smart4Health is represented in the Portuguese news

We are excited to share that Smart4Health has been represented in the Portuguese news. Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

M80 Radio in Portugues: Project makes all medical records available on a single European platform

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.

Smart4Health invited to intervene in the European Parliament

Within the conference session ‘European Electronic Health Records – Digitalisation in the healthcare sector’ part of the 11th European Innovation Summit The Smart4Health Coordination was invited to speak at the European Parliament, within the scope of the session ‘European Electronic Health Records – Digitalisation in the healthcare sector’ part of the 11th European Innovation Summit, […]

The EU Consortium Smart4Health: On the Path Developing a Mobile Health Record Application

Every citizen of the European Union (EU) should be able to access her or his own health data easily and securely within each EU member state. The Horizon 2020 research consortium “Smart4Health” aims to realize this vision by developing a mobile software application that allows users to collect, manage, share and donate their health-related data […]

Visit of The Netherlands and Portuguese Prime Ministers to Smart4Health Laboratory at UNINOVA

On the 3rd of April 2019 the Prime Minister of The Netherlands (Mark Rutte) and the Prime Minister of Portugal (António Costa) visited the UNINOVA’s Hub for Digital Health and Social Inclusion with Smart4Health in the main topic of the agenda. It was a great honour to have Smart4Health project acknowledged by the two Prime Ministers for this […]

EFN Press Release: Accessibility and EHR

The EFN being a consortium partner in H2020 projects on EHR is key as the end-user requirements need to guide IT developers to develop fit-for-purpose solutions, that work frontline and importantly, reduces the workload of nurses. We do not need disruption, we do not need complex tools, we need support! And IT comes here, as […]

Smart4Health article in APDSI of Portugal

APDSI announces the largest research project coordinated by Portugal: Smart4health Smart4health is coordinated by Portugal under the European Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020, and its main objective is to promote personalized health solutions through the universal exchange of Electronic Health Records. It receives funding of 22 million euros, of which more than 4 million […]