Why? How? What?



Smart4Health Priorities

Citizens secure access to Electronic Health Records and share it across borders.

Supporting data infrastructure, to advance research, disease prevention and personalized health and care.

Facilitating feedback and interaction between patients and healthcare providers, to support prevention and citizen empowerment as well as quality and patient- centred care.


Smart4Health Approach

Smart4Health provides an easy-to-use, secure, constantly accessible and portable health data and services prototype within the EU and beyond, enabling:

Citizens managing own and own-generated health data in the EU and beyond.

Citizens digital Health and Care with validated open source interoperability assets and new tools.

Secure, seamless communication of health- related data through clarity and oversight.

Citizens are consulted throughout the process of design and development of Smart4Health.


Smart4Health Prototype


Citizen-centred health platform compliant with EU legislation.

Citizens secure access to own health data and sharing.

Citizens empowerment to provide feedback and cooperate with healthcare providers.

Citizens empowerment to provide/donate data for societal benefit.